Moj kolačić – My cookie

Evo kratak post, danas sam pravila ovaj kolačić pa sam odlučila d ga podelim sa vama.
Nadam se da će vam se svideti 🙂

For English
You need one hand of raisins, one hand of dates, and one hand of cranberry and you put them together in the cup with water for five minutes.
You will need one cup of Rice flavour, nad one hand of walnut, which you need to cut in to small peaces. You need to leave one small part of that for the end.
Than you put all the ingridients in to a blender and I mean: raisins, dates, cranberrys, flavour, walnuts and maybe two spoons of lemon juice and small cup of water, and maybe one spoon of honey. Mix that until you got a nice texture. Put on paper for baking that small peace of walnuts.
After that, make some nice forms NOT LIKE ME those look terible 😀
Put in the oven and bake for 10 minutes on 200degres.
After all leave them for couple of hours so they can dry 🙂
Hope you like it 🙂